HelloGoodbye ~

Guess I'm just lost in myself again, there's nothing much to say, I think that's totally normal when myself is me. Maybe people are curious to know why most things they've read are about sorrow, confusion, or self-reflection. Truth is, tragedy makes good writing. Tragedies were written from the impairment of oneself for the benefits of others. Let's face it, happiness is overrated, no words could possibly be precise enough to convey such joy but of course I'm only speaking for myself. 

I'm here, still breathing and I am very much alive.

From now, I won't be around much to update on the FB unless it's really necessary. I'll probably be online on weekends only, some sacrifices have to be made. Oh gosh anybody can help me? The SPM will be around the corner and I still have so much left to catch up ;/  Ya i know nobody can help me aite? So thats why I've set my mind to away from all this. I mean the " SOCIAL NETWORK " So, bye! :D


  1. wow..u so beutiful rainme..i like u.. so much....plz app me at facebook..i would like to know u...

  2. i dont know which one is you :/ thanks btw :)